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Hello Property Owner!
Are you, what we would call in our industry, a "friendly" land owner?  That doesn't mean that you can't be tough, but with 11 years experience in this industry, I know what a tower owner or carrier will or will not accept.  I have completed leasing on raw land tower sites, water tanks, collocations on existing towers and water tanks, and have even completed one steeple replacement.
If you are interested, fill out this form and send us the fee.  What we do is add your property to a KMZ file, which is marketed by this website to carriers, site acquisition firms and tower companies.  Unlike other websites, I have uses for them that attracts them to this website.  In addition, I'm motivated to market your property because per the agreement we are compensated when that happens!  We can also market rooftops, water tanks or any tall structure.
Click on the file below and either fill it out on your computer and print it and email it to me, or mail it to me.  Note that it is a two page document.
If you have questions, send me an email and I'll answer the best way I can.  I do travel sometimes within the course of business, so please understand if your email isn't answered the same day.